Participation of CUT in the Beyond Expo in Thessaloniki

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Organizing Acceleration for High Potential Innovative SMEs

The Beyond Expo, a groundbreaking event designed to stimulate and accelerate the world of startups, has just concluded its landmark gathering from May 23rd to May 26th, 2023. The event was held in Thessaloniki, providing a highly significant platform for startup engagement, technology transfer, innovation, and investment attraction.


The first day of the Expo saw a valuable meeting between attendees and the managing authority of the project, which provided an opportunity to discuss the project’s progress, its challenges, and its future outlook.

On the second day, the Expo became a hive of energy and innovation as several startups pitched their ideas and presented their progress. Among the  speakers, Hristo Andreev, a renowned expert from the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT), provided insightful presentations. He shared details of the acceleration programme in Cyprus, the operations of the technology transfer support center, and the organization of the International Investment Forum in Limassol that were organised by the external expert ARIS A Really Inspiring Space.


Further enriching the Expo, Andreev unveiled the innovative StartupToolkit platform. The platform, developed as part of the project, is a powerful tool set designed to streamline the operations of entrepreneurs, support center officers, and angel investors, aiding in their various business and investment ventures.

The third day brought forward an array of startups, including Panagiotis Xydias from the startup iRerobot, hailing from Cyprus. His pitch captivated the audience of business experts and angel investors, where he showcased the sophisticated technology developed by his company, as well as its current stage of development, funding, and future plans.


Beyond Expo was more than a showcasing platform; it was a vital networking hub that bridged gaps between startups, business experts, and angel investors. The Expo, by connecting these crucial stakeholders, has created a vibrant ecosystem for B2B networking and exposure to angel investment networks.

The Beyond Expo has successfully culminated its 2023 edition, fostering a wave of innovation and entrepreneurship, and we look forward to its future events to inspire and facilitate the startup ecosystem further.


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