The StartupToolkit Platform

BalkanMed Gazelle

orGAniZing accELaration for high-potentiaL innovativE SMEs

StartupToolkit is developed to serve the needs of the project Balkanmed GAZELLE: orGAniZing accELaration for high-potentiaL innovativE SMEs. The aim of StartupToolkit is the development and free sharing of the most useful tools for Startups & SMEs, Angel Investors, and Support Centers. The goal behind the development of these tools is to help Startups & Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Angel Investors and Business Angel Networks (BANs), Support Centers & Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) reinforce the cooperation between each other and speed up the acceleration process.


StartupToolkit is a hybrid web app that serves as an umbrella for the tools developed by the consortium partners. It uses modern technology and design in order to give the best possible user experience. It uses fresh color palettes and modern graphics that are under a CC0 license.


The toolkit is only accessible to registered users. Includes ideation, innovation, strategy, operations, marketing, legal, intellectual property, presentation, financial, technology transfer, code of conduct, valuation, and other tools. Non- registered users can still explore the toolkit, without having access to them. Tools are editable and downloadable. Each tool is accompanied by documentation that explains how it can be used and who can be used.


The StartupToolkit platform is currently at a beta stage and it hosts only the tools developed by the Cyprus University of Technology. However, all partners of the BalkanMed Gazelle project will provide their tools to be included in the platform.

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